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Los 35 mejores cortes de pelo corto en capas para la cara redonda 2018

Ladies, would you like to take a look at the best short hairstyles of the new season? For the round face shape, which is the most common face shape, we have assembled our perfect short haircut ideas for you. If you are afraid of innovations about your hair, you have …

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30 mejores peinados Pixie 2015 – 2016

¿Eres lo suficientemente valiente para ir a la tajada? is what you need. Entonces, el corte de pelo pixie es lo que necesitas. which increase your glare and self esteem. Los cortes de cabello Pixie son siempre cortes de pelo cortos personales que aumentan su brillo y autoestima. Debido a …

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Las 50 mejores ideas de peinados naturales y te encantará cada una

If you’ve had enough of bleaching, dying and frying your hair, you need a hairstyle for natural hair. Natural doesn’t mean boring in 2018, however. It’s a gentle way to help your hair repair and replenish itself before your next round of styling. It’s also possible that you don’t have …

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30 mejores cortes de pelo cortos para cabello fino

Your hair can become thinner after many applications. Especially hair straightening and hair dyeing can damage to your hair. So we prepared great suggestions for you to love your thin hair; 30 ideas about the most beautiful short haircuts for fine hair! Long hair can be indispensable for many ladies. …

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Las mejores ideas de peinado corto para caras ovaladas

¿Sabes que? La forma de la cara ovalada es una de las formas de cara más atractivas porque puedes elegir diferentes estilos de peinados cortos que favorecerán la forma de tu rostro, por ejemplo, movimientos cortos, duendecillos largos y estilos de peinado largos … 1. bonito peinado corto para las …

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