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Rebecca's Cut + Fine Hair Focus


My friend Rebecca was the perfect model for my fine hair focus post! I gave her a little trim, and then created an entirely separate video touching on styling tips for fine or thin hair.

In this video, you’ll see the haircut and I thought I’d answer the main question I get when it comes to talking with your stylist about your needs if you have fine hair at the bottom of the post.

If you don’t have fine hair, I think there are still some things you can learn on how to communicate best with your stylist!

(if the quality is low, click the wheel icon on the bottom right of the video and select the highest quality possible!)

The video for how to style + add volume and movement to fine hair is coming soon!

So what should you consider when it comes to your haircut if you have fine hair?

Really try to look at what parts of your hair are fine. In Rebecca’s case, and often in a lot of women’s cases, the bulk of the hair is on the back lower part of the head. The finest part is usually above the ears. One way to help fine hair look thicker is to leave as much length and as little layering as possible around the front of the face. Add lift and movement to the back of the hair because 1. there is more hair to spare and 2. if you are able to punch up the volume in the back a little bit, you can push it/direct it forward as well to help fill in the thinner areas up front!

Ask for a blunt cut around the base length of the hair. That tends to not only feel thicker but also look thicker as well. With layering, I’d almost always recommend a really soft layering technique with texturized ends so it doesn’t look like you have a bunch of different levels in your hair.


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